Just Washed Ashore!

Happy publication day to K.M.S. Latham for her debut children’s eco-mystery chapter book called ‘Ink‘ published 2nd June 2023. The fabulous cover and inside black and white drawings are illustrated by Carolyn Pavey.

“This story is a thrilling adventure that skillfully weaves the ancient and modern, mixing the challenges of our times with a classic monster mystery. With as many twists as a kraken’s tentacles, children will be gripped by this tale!”

Dan Green, Editor of The Week Junior Science + Nature

Finlay sees a mysterious shape under the surface of the sea and is convinced it is a local legend come to life, an enormous sea monster that haunts the shores.

When a migrant boat goes missing, Finlay and his best friend Jack promise to help a survivor, a young girl called Aya who speaks no English, to find her family and to prove the existence of the monster in doing so.

On a stormy night, the three young friends risk their lives out on the ink-black sea sea, in the hunt for the Devil of the Deep Dark Sea…

Ink is a tale of adventure, bravery and friendship. It is a chapter book that is ideal for readers aged 7 to 9+ years and clicking on the cover or links will provide links to retailers where you can buy the book, or order at your local independent bookshop.