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A Little Fish Making a Big Splash

Beachy Books is an independent publisher run by an author who understands writers and has experience of traditional publishing and self publishing. We work closely with graphic designers, editors, proofreaders, and our authors to make a close-knit pod of creatives.

Beachy Books publishes books for authors, community groups, schools, colleges, charities, organisations and businesses. We can sell your books online and also provide cost-price paper-books for you to sell at profit.

We like an eclectic list of literature and the imprint is establishing a diverse range of books from local history and children’s books, to poetry and fiction.

Beachy Books provide several publishing models depending on your aspirations, the type and quality of book you’ve written, and a million other things. It goes without saying that whatever the publishing model, you, as author, keep full copyright in your work (as you should do).

Traditional Publishing

Swim in our shoal, but it’s as as rare as ambergris. Occasionally, a manuscript arrives that we think would reach a wider audience, or have very good sales — or we just have to publish it! This is funded by Beachy Books, but you still have input. You’ll like your cover – we promise! There’s no real formula, but if your writing is of a good enough quality, and the subject matter, or book type just seems to fit the Beachy Books imprint, then traditional publishing could be an option. It still helps if the book is in some kind of niche, or it can be established that there is a keen market for this kind of title. Collaboratively we then turn your manuscript into a published book. We also provide free marketing, promotion and publicity for the book and help you get your book into wholesalers and bookshops. It is a very rewarding process for author and publisher, and there’s always something new to learn on each new book.

This model works well for a published author who wants to republish an out-of-print back-list of titles, or a book with an obvious marketing angle, or you might have tried other publishers and been disheartened following publication, but have a very solid, well-written book that you want to publish, but with more control and a personal touch.

However, the reality is, we don’t traditionally publish many books, but you never know… it could be you!

Community Publishing

It’s a diverse ocean. You’re an individual, group, organisation, charity, school, college or businesses. Anybody in the wider community that might want a book printed. It is usually a short-run book for a one-off event, project or cause. The book doesn’t go into wider distribution. This is fee-based, priced per project. Many of the groups we work with have secured funding for publishing and print costs. The book may be published as self-published or under our Beachy Community Books imprint.

Self Publishing

Swim alone. You want to self-publish your own book, with you as publisher (or your imprint name). You can do it yourself, but you probably need help, right? Beachy Books provides publishing services to the self-publisher such as writing advice, editing, typesetting and design. The services provided are fee-based, you keep all rights, and after publication you get all profits from your sales. We have had a lot of experience of this type of publishing through working with authors and organisations to create books in partnership. You have control, but we still offer advice – we don’t want to help you self publish rubbish.

Let’s Make Waves

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