Oliver Gruffle – Secrets of Harmony Haven – Book 1: The Runaways


Author: Anna Southwell. Illustrator: Joanna Scott

ISBN-13 : 9781913894009

Published: 04/12/2020

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Loving piglets, Pickle and Patsy are destined to be sausages at Mr Muggleton’s Farm, unless their friend Pal, a bright border collie, helps them runaway to a better life.

Together they go in search of freedom in a magical kingdom called Harmony Haven. On their journey they meet strange guides, from galoaks to moonlings, befriend a grumpy badger and battle giant moles!

But will they meet the legendary Oliver Gruffle and learn his secret?

OLIVER GRUFFLE Secrets of Harmony Haven is a magical, fantasy series for young children, set on the Island, with animals as the heroes! It is set in a fictional land on the real Isle of Wight, UK. The author also lives and writes on the Isle of Wight.

Part 1 of a fantasy adventure for young children.

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