Freshwater & Totland Archive Group

Freshwater & Totland Archive Group formed in 2010, a voluntary group aiming to record, preserve and share the local history of our villages and to keep alive the memories of those who made them what they are.

There aim is to establish a local Archive that will be easily accessible to local people and to encourage the sharing of memories and depositing of records, thus enabling future generations to understand and appreciate their rich local history, to acknowledge those who’ve made our villages what they are, and to safeguard the characters of our villages in the future.

Activities up to now have consisted of working with Parish Councils and various other groups, advertising our presence, appealing for material, recording memories on tape, conducting reminiscence walks, holding public displays of photographic and written material, and showing film, which features past local events and interviews with local people.


Freshwater & Totland Archive Rescue Group’s (FATAG) Website