The Hungry Fox

Foxy is hungry, and just needs a meal. Will his friend, Dave, be able to help? A hand-drawn, illustrated picture book with rhyming text.

Book Information

Author:Shirley Adams
Imprint:MiceElf (through Amazon KDP)
Published:25th April 2019
Extent:26 pages
Trim Size:8.5 x 8.5 x 0.08 in (216 x 216 x 2 mm)
Amazon Category:Juvenile Fiction > Picture Books
Juvenile Fiction > Animals > Foxes
Format:Paperback (colour with gloss cover)
Audience:Children 2-7 (Preschool/Reception)

Did you know?

Beachy Books helped this author self publish their book through Amazon KDP. This book is published exclusively, worldwide, through Amazon. All profits, after Amazon take their share, go to the author.

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