Freshwater Reflections


Freshwater Reflections is a community book created by members of Archive Rescue ( who looked a little further into the stories, history and photos hidden away in their archives.

Read their insights into some fascinating facts about Freshwater, Isle of Wight (UK).

This book was created by members of Archive Rescue (Freshwater & Totland Archive Group c/o Freshwater Library) on a Beachy Books Community Book Publishing Project, curated, delivered and published by Philip Bell, author and publisher at Beachy Books.

The Beachy Books community book projects were funded by the Arts Council and Isle of Wight Adult Community Learning.

After costs, all profit from the sale of Freshwater Reflections help support the historic archive at Freshwater Library, IOW, UK.

Book Information

Author: Freshwater & Totland Archive Group (Archive Rescue)

ISBN-13: 9780956298072

Format: Paperback

Length: 60 pages (plus full-colour glossy cover)

Publisher: Beachy Community Books (an imprint of Beachy Books)

Size: 6 x 9 inches (229 x 152 mm)

Binding: Perfect Bound

RRP: £7.99

WHERE TO BUY Freshwater Reflections:

You can buy Freshwater Reflections direct from the Archive Rescue ebay page or at Freshwater Library, Rutherford Eye Care, Moa Place, and F R Frise, High Street, Freshwater, Isle of Wight, UK. 

To buy on-line in the UK, try the following:

Archive Rescue’s eBay shop: Freshwater Reflections

Amazon UK: Freshwater Reflections

Waterstones: Freshwater Reflections

Foyles: Freshwater Reflections

Blackwells: Freshwater Reflections

The Book Depository: Freshwater Reflections

In the US:

Amazon US: Freshwater Reflections

Barnes & Noble: Freshwater Reflections

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