Captain Bisset’s Folly

The beautiful manor house at Knighton Gorges stood on the Isle of Wight for over seven hundred years, testament to the lives of the distinguished families who lived there – de Murvilles, de Gorges, Dillingtons, and finally Captain Maurice George Bisset. Its remarkable history is told here by Captain Bisset’s daughter, Jane. She and her sister grew up at Knighton Gorges, and it is Jane who returns to inherit the manor house on the death of her father. All is not as expected. Researched local history, with a fictional twist.

Book Information

Author:Rosey Messing
Imprint:Rambling Press (through Amazon KDP)
Published:19th May 2019
Extent:68 pages
Trim Size:6 x 9 x 0.15 in (152 x 229 x 4 mm)
Amazon Category:Fiction > Historical
Format:Paperback (B&W with gloss cover)
Audience:Trade (General/Adult)

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