Animals Never Judge Me


Have you ever felt you are the odd one out?

That no one understands you?

That everyone judges you?

This Kindle ebook is about a young woman with a disability who is trying to explain to other people the funny side of having a disability, and the not so funny side of having a problem.

Read to see how she got through school with the help of family, how she dealt with leaving home,  and how animals helped her understand the world.

This ebook was written by O J Faber, a young person with cerebral palsy and dyslexia, who worked with author and publisher, Philip Bell of Beachy Books on a community book publishing project,  to publish her own story of how animals helped her overcome bullying and gave her strength to live with her condition. 

The Beachy Books community book publishing projects were funded by the Arts Council and Isle of Wight Adult Community Learning.

Book Information

Author: O J Faber

Format: Kindle Edition

Print Length: 73 pages

Publisher: Beachy Community Books (an imprint of Beachy Books)

Age: Young adult and above.

RRP: £3.08

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