Books I’ve fallen alseep to while trying to get my children to go to sleep…

We’ve all done it. Admit it.

Fighting to keep your eyes open, slurring your words, reading whole sentences that aren’t there, dribbling. Of course, I’m describing a common condition that affects parents of young children – falling asleep while reading to them!

It gets you on repetition – reading a book for the millionth time. Or on quantity – reading more than 3 books. Sometimes both. Laying down reading is the deadliest as the book can drop out of your hands and, if the corner is pointing down, you can get a nasty eye injury if you’re unlucky. Further injuries can often be received from you child prodding/poking/slapping/punching you awake.

In celebration of this phenomenon, I’m going to post the children’s books I’ve fallen asleep to while trying to get my children asleep. It in no way reflects how interesting or otherwise the book is, nor is meant to be derogatory to the author/illustrator. In fact I’ve fallen asleep to some much-loved classics.

Tonight’s sleepy selection includes:

Alice in Wonderland (Disney Ladybird edition)

The Little Apple Tree

The Story of Slug