My children (sometimes) annoy me, but I love them anyway

Most parents of young children will be into the swing of the summer holiday by now, and I am getting a little tired of it already, as keeping the children entertained while trying to work from home is a nightmare. My two angels have already fallen from grace and are causing havoc down here on earth.

As some light relief, I thought I’d list a few of the things that my children do that annoy me (but I love them anyway!):

1) When they insist that black is white. For example, my 3yo insisted a red grapefruit in the fruit bowl was an orange, and pleaded for me to cut it open, so she could try it. I was convinced she wouldn’t  like it, as I thought it would be too sour. To my surprise though, she did like it! This just shows even if you think a child won’t like something, one day they may like it and it’s worth persevering so they try new tastes, experiences, etc.

2) When they ask for something (usually a drink or food) the moment you have sat down. To help alleviate this problem we have found that giving them some independence seems to help, so they can get their own drink. Although this can then result in another annoyance…

3) When they leave the fridge door wide open. We have seriously considered buying fridge locks to combat this, but so far haven’t bothered, as we think that any kind of lock mechanism is frustrating to use on a daily basis. Plus, I’d quite likely accidentally rip the door of its hinges, grumpy and desperate to get some milk for a morning cup of tea.

4) When they don’t bother clearing up their toys. I guess I never did as a child so what do I expect? As a possible solution I’ve tried to either turn tidying into a game or make a “deal” that if they clear up a bit they will get something else. Works, sometimes.

I’m sure there are loads more, but I want to conclude by saying the most annoying person in the house is still me.