Jack and Boo go to Hollywood!

Jack and Boo go to Hollywood

A small independent UK publisher, Beachy Books, has signed a deal with an unnamed Hollywood studio to make a live action version of their popular Jack and Boo children’s books in 2013. An undisclosed Hollywood director is said to be very interested in the project but no official news has been released on the title or plot as of yet. Philip Bell, author and publisher of the Jack and Boo titles, has remained tight lipped. “I cannot reveal who the director is just yet as we’ve still got to dot the i’s and cross the t’s, but let’s just say Jack might be wearing a cowboy hat and Boo carrying a whip.”

Twitter has been buzzing with rumours of who might play Jack and Boo in the live action version. A popular Hollywood Gossip blog has been publishing rumours that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson would be an obvious choice. Mr Bell said in response, “I think they could be a bit old. Although if Jack and Boo were CGI they could interact with them – you know, like The Muppets! Ha! I’m thinking more unknown childhood stars really, but it’s out of my hands as I’ve not got any control over casting. If I had my way I’d cast my own children. But my son might expect too high fees. My daughter would simply do it if she got ice cream everyday!”

No doubt whoever is cast in the leading roles will have to be versatile and fit because in the stories Jack and Boo regularly run through woods, balance on logs, spot nature and go beach combing. Mr Bell said, “The film will take elements from the books, keeping to the true nature-led spirit of the adventures but will be a brand new story.”

Watch this space for more news of Jack and Boo go to Hollywood…

UPDATE: April Fool’s 2012! Hey ho, one day perhaps…