Hastings Book Signing a Sellout!

I was apprehensive before our second Waterstone’s  book signing in Hastings on 31st July for Jack and Boo’s Bucket of Treasures. This was due to our first signing in the Isle of Wight being a bit quiet because of torrential rain. This time we had a full day slot booked from 11am till 5pm, and despite the weather initially bringing rain (a bad omen I had thought), it turned out to be a great day. Again, we were welcomed by very friendly staff who set us up on a table in the children’s area, provided comfy soft seating, free balloons and, importantly, quick access to a Costa coffee upstairs!

Apart from a lull at lunchtime I spent most of the day chatting to families and children who came in, after an initial nervous few minutes of reticence to approach browsers and tell them about our picture book. I found that families would overhear me talking to others about the book, and then come over to take a look. There was a good mix of Hastings/Bexhill locals and holidaymakers who all responded well to the book, some recognising where the photos had been taken.

The attraction of our free colouring sheets, word searches and balloons soon pulled in the kids, with parents enjoying a brief respite from childcare. I had one very friendly and chatty little girl who sat and coloured in our Jack and Boo sheets for an hour, which really helped attract other inquisitive children to sit next to her and join in the fun. Of course this gave me a good excuse to make my sales pitch to their parents.

I really had some great chats with people and received some very complimentary remarks on the book. In the end I didn’t get around to doing any book readings (or taking photos in the heat of battle) as I was chatting so much. In any case, it didn’t matter as out of the 20 books ordered by Waterstone’s for the signing, I shifted 15 signed copies!

We are truly grateful to Waterstone’s for giving us the slot, and importantly the parents who parted with their hard earned cash to buy a book or two on the day. We appreciate it and hope you’ll tell your friends about it, and want to buy future Jack and Boo sequels.

Looking forward to the next one.