Fossil Hunting on Yaverland Beach

Spent a sunny down on Yaverland beach, in Isle of Wight with the kids fossil hunting, but mostly playing on the beach. We found fossilied wood with iron pyrite inside but no dinosaurs today. We don’t really know what we’re looking for at the moment as I’m not too hot on geology, but I’m picking it up. right now I could have easily found a dinosaur bone and not realised it judging from these photos of finds on the uk fossils network website.We try not to do too much damage, simply hunting for rocks on the foreshore rather than breaking huge chunks off the cliff as many people seem to do. Still, a fun challenge for family and children, but do some homework before so you know where to look and what to even look for!

Pity the day was spoilt slightly by a nuisance that seems to plague every beach, street, footpath and stretch of grass in the uk – dog poo! With all the dog owners not clearing up their foul lumps, in a few million years from now, people will find fossilised poo as common as…well muck. To be fair I did see several dog walkers with little bags of the stinking stuff, so shame on you others – how would you like it if I let my children do the same? Sermon over.