Families and Children Have Fun at Wild Wood Walk

Families and children walking at the spring Wild Wood Walk 2013

This morning we had five families and their children book on our Jack and Boo’s Wild Wood Walk (Sunday 19th May 2013) at National Trust Borthwood Copse, Isle of Wight, as part of the 2013 Isle of Wight Walking Festival. Children’s ages ranged from 2 up to 9 years old and all had a map and spotter guide to tick off woodland wildlife.

We kept the walk to a simple circular route of about 1 mile, as we had some parents carrying toddlers in backpacks and even a heavily pregnant lady who wanted to avoid a woodland birth!

The fragrance from the drifts of bluebells in the wood hit us as soon as we stepped into the wood and it made great photo opportunities for parents and their children.

I read from Jack and Boo’s Wild Wood, surrounded by bluebells, while parents rested on logs and children crouched next to them. Some of the older children loved climbing trees and making camps, while toddlers wandered around collecting handfuls of sticks to make imaginary campfires or use them to try and cut down trees.

It was lovely to chat to parents and children as we walked around the wood and hear that they liked all walking in a group as they could meet new people and the children could play with each other. Some of the parents hadn’t visited Borthwood Copse before and others had been to the wood on previous occasions  but had got lost or never walked the route we took them on today.

The homemade orange flapjack, baked by Mrs Beachy, was well received at the end of the walk, under a stand of giant beech trees. The children played hide ‘n’ seek with my two children, I showed a boy how to estimate the height of a tree using a stick, and we challenged some of the children to walk around tree trunks without touching the ground.

It was heartening to sell a few books and hear parents and children say they enjoyed the walk and wanted to come back on our autumn scavenger hunt in October and more walks we plan to run in the future. Best of all, parents were having fun with their children outside in a wonderful natural woodland – the best playground in the world!

If you’re interested in going on family walks with Beachy Books then please get in touch.