Community Book Publishing Projects Begin…

It is a happy new year for Beachy Books as I start working with three community groups on the Isle of Wight, delivering a publish-a-book project that will go from initial idea to finished book, published by three community groups. Every project will be different and have its own challenges and I’m very excited about them all.

It will be a learning curve for me working with a wonderfully diverse mix of people who applied to take part in the project, following our award of grant funding through Isle of Wight Council’s Adult & Community Learning, who are responsible for delivering courses, training and education to adults aged 19+ on Isle of Wight. Their recent move to  commissioning learning providers such as Beachy Books has enabled innovative new ways of delivering learning in the community.

I hope my Beachy Books publishing projects will inspire learners and lead them onto further educational opportunities and employment. I’ve already met with 3 groups and last week I kicked off the project. I hope to tell you all about how the projects are going under this community blog category over the coming months.

I am currently putting together lesson plans specifically targeted at the three groups but it’s all just a start as I will adapt my plans as learner needs arise and I have a better idea what books we will be making. It’s all very exciting and fun to not have everything totally planned and to be reactive to group needs. All I can say is, by the end of the 3 projects there will be 3 fully published books in the world created by the learners on each project.

More news soon…

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    1. Just creating and publishing for now. Printing with external printer. All depends on aspirations of the group.

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