Beachy Books launches new mobile friendly website

I’ve been in the laboratory for a few weeks rewriting our website – well customising a wordpress blog, which has caused it’s own set of extra coding problems and, at times, led me to utter distraction. Anyway, I thought it’s time to air it publicly and consider it a work-in-progress. If you’ve seen our previous site, you’ll not notice a massive change in branding, colours or layout, so what has changed?

Over the past few months I’ve noticed, mostly through using Twitter and social networks, that people are increasingly accessing the web from iPhones, iPads and other smart phone devices. When I viewed the old website on a mobile it looked dreadful – you had to scroll all over the place and zoom in. I hope my changes have now addressed this and this new website should shrink to fit, so to speak.

The other main change is at the top of the site, you’ll hopefully see a nice page-flippable Beachy Books catalogue so you can scroll through all our books (2 so far, with 1 more coming at Christmas. OK, it’s not loads but what do you want, blood?). I could have knocked this out in Flash, a bit like I use for my book previews, but devices with little ‘i’s in their names, iPads, iPhones, etc, in their wisdom, don’t run Adobe Flash. I hope my solution provides a universal book catalogue that should work across devices. I admit, on a small screen, you may need to still zoom in to see the detail.

UPDATE: I’ve temporarily disabled this “flipping” book at the top as, ironically enough, causing problems on iPhones and some other phones. Hey ho, back to the drawing board.

Anyway, I’d appreciate your feedback, especially those with smart phones, tablets, etc. As I say, it’s not set in stone so I can tweak it as we go.

UPDATE – Known Issues:

On mobile devices (and narrow screen displays) there’s a gap that appears under the “flipping” book catalogue at the top and the main menu. Yes, this is annoying and crap of me. This is one of the bugs I have yet to fix. If anybody can fix it I’ll give them a free Jack and Boo book.