Beachy Books Awarded Arts Council Funding for Community Book Projects

I am very pleased to announce my 6 new Beachy Community Book Projects for 2013-14 have been match-funded by a Grants for the Arts award and “supported using public funding by Arts Council England.”

I’m so relieved! The two weeks of completing the application form and portfolio was all worth it! I had to think about how my projects help community groups promote the arts – through literature and a love of reading and books. And I’m glad the Arts Council saw the benefits of publishing books by a diverse range of people. I think it’s a great match with the requirements of my grant from the Isle of Wight Council’s Adult Community Learning of delivering innovative learning to adults aged 19+ living on Isle of Wight, focusing on those in most need.

I have now fully funded my new community book projects – 50% from Isle of Wight Council’s Adult Community Learning and now, a matching 50% from Arts Council England! The grant came with an aspiration to become more self-sustaining and use part of the funds from sales of community books to fund future community books…as well as benefiting the groups who created them.

The grants pay for my time delivering, creating, teaching, and organising the projects, which are each 10 week courses, with the final product being each group publishing their own community book (or publication).

Through my full funding I can now offer my 6 projects to community groups, and groups of individuals, aged 19+, for FREE! Yes, I know nothing is truly free – we’ve all paid for it by buying lottery tickets and through government taxes – but it does ensure some of the community book projects can help groups who have little or no funding!

I’m currently meeting with groups to finalise my 6 new community book projects for 2013-14.