Autumn Wild Wood Walk a Success!

We organised a family walk at Borthwood Copse, IOW today, to celebrate the launch of our autumn children’s book called Jack and Boo’s Wild Wood. The day was perfect, a sunny crisp autumn day, leaves turning golden and red, and crunchy scattered all around. I set up shop half hour before the start on a flowery fold-up chair (very me) and a pile of books to my side. I felt a little conspicuous at first, but soon got into the flow of chatting to people out on their regular Sunday walk, and within half an hour I’d sold 3 books.

As the day progressed I regularly got to give out scavenger hunts and maps to families with children, some being regulars to the wood, others pleased to have discovered the wood for the first time, and many saying they’ll come back to walk again. I sold 2 more books, making a grand total of 5 – not enough to retire on, but certainly more than I expected for a small outdoor event.

It was great to hear people walking out of the wood reporting back on tales of seeing families walking around with the scavenger hunts picking up acorns and beech masts and spotting red squirrels. I also got a few leads for future events working with children and the Isle of Wight County Press photographer turned up for a photo shoot with our children in the wood, so we are hoping for some great publicity in the next paper if we’re lucky.

I’d like to thank the senior and local warden of the Isle of Wight National Trust for letting me do the event at Borthwood Copse, to the local paper and all the people who helped promote the event and who came along today.

We will be arranging a companion walk to this one, next spring, in Borthwood Copse, when the wood will be full of drifts of bluebells, and also look out for more Beachy Book walks coming in the future.

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  1. I have only just come across you website. What a great way to promote your latest title – actually being in the location the book is set. I can’t think of anything more ideal. Well Done, and I wish you all the best for future projects.

    1. Hi James, thanks for your comments. Yes, we wanted to do something different and more fun than just a standard bookshop signing. It’s interesting to know there is a bookbinder and restorer on the Island, glad to know you!

      1. Philip, sorry I have not replied sooner. Yes, likewise I am pleased to know you also. If there is anything in your future plans where I might be able offer assistance with my services,then please do not hesitate to get in contact. Thank you.



  2. Thanks for your comment Adam. Yes, we are actually running new walks next year as part of the 2012 Isle of Wight Walking Festival. More news on our blog in the coming months.

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