Addicts’ Anecdotes Is First Beachy Community Book Published!

I worked with an amazing bunch of people at Cranstoun’s DnR Room last year to help them create a book of their experiences of recovery from drugs and alcohol.

Just before Christmas the head office at Cranstoun ordered ONE HUNDRED copies to send out to people to help inspire them onto recovery themselves. This was amazing news and shows how inspirational the community book has been.

The other amazing news is it’s the first Beachy Community Book that’s got an ISBN and is now for sale on-line and on Amazon.

Funds from the sale of this book go to the DnR Room music recovery charity based in Isle of Wight at Cranstoun and help pay for printing costs through Beachy Community Books – a not for profit imprint of Beachy Books.

Check it out here – Addicts’ Anecdotes

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