Family Easter Fun – Building sandcastles on Ventnor beach IOW

Today was glorious. Spent some of the day on Ventnor beach IOW with family and children. Kids buried my feet in the sand and pretended my toes were worms making earthquakes under the sand. My daughter got carried away and almost pulled my big toe off – ouch! I help the kids build a sandcastle and watched other competitive dad’s build ever bigger, stronger, firmer sandcastles. Ours was more of a ruined English Heritage castle and then it got completely levelled when my youngest stamped on it. Was almost hit twice by a frisbee, but a Minghella ice cream while we watched the waves made a perfect day.

Family Easter Fun – Tree and Log Balancing

Over the Easter weekend the children and I found some felled trees on the edge of a wood, which made a fantastic “natural” playground for the children to climb, crawl and jump on. Before too long I was up and balancing on the logs with them. We played a game of making our way along without touching the ground, only using the tree trunks and branches. The children were entertained for almost 2 hours! They usually get bored in a playground fairly quickly. They reported back that they liked the “way they are all different”, the “challenge”, and especially when some of the smaller cut trees moved they loved the added “danger and excitement!” So what are you waiting for? Go find some fallen trees to balance on…but, please don’t cut any down though 🙂 If you are in town then garden walls make a good challenge…enjoy!

Bucket of Treasures down to £6.99 on – bargain!

It’s beachtime weather this easter holiday so grab yourselves a copy of Jack & Boo’s Bucket of Treasures now down to £6.99 at – making a grand saving of £1.00 of your earth pennies. Bargain! 3 in stock at moment, so you’ll get a quick delivery. We are print on demand (POD) so if you order you will always get a book, even if Amazon says out of stock – it’ll just take about 10 days, maybe sooner. Thanks.

Books I’ve fallen alseep to while trying to get my children to go to sleep…

We’ve all done it. Admit it.

Fighting to keep your eyes open, slurring your words, reading whole sentences that aren’t there, dribbling. Of course, I’m describing a common condition that affects parents of young children – falling asleep while reading to them!

It gets you on repetition – reading a book for the millionth time. Or on quantity – reading more than 3 books. Sometimes both. Laying down reading is the deadliest as the book can drop out of your hands and, if the corner is pointing down, you can get a nasty eye injury if you’re unlucky. Further injuries can often be received from you child prodding/poking/slapping/punching you awake.

In celebration of this phenomenon, I’m going to post the children’s books I’ve fallen asleep to while trying to get my children asleep. It in no way reflects how interesting or otherwise the book is, nor is meant to be derogatory to the author/illustrator. In fact I’ve fallen asleep to some much-loved classics.

Tonight’s sleepy selection includes:

Alice in Wonderland (Disney Ladybird edition)

The Little Apple Tree

The Story of Slug


Beachy blogging about our next work in progress…

Beachy Books will be publishing regular blog entries on our progress developing the business, promoting our first book and work-in-progress on our next book. Plus any news or insights on publishing, writing, etc. Well, that’s the plan anyway! In between working and looking after young children it’s going to be tricky. Will keep you posted.