Get Your Book Published!

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Do you need help getting your book published by a published author?

We can help with all aspects of publishing, providing creative and editorial services to help you get your book published.

Over the years Beachy Books has worked with charities, community groups, schools, businesses, and private individuals to help them publish their own books.

Before we continue, just a bit of info: Beachy Books is not a traditional publisher. A traditional publisher, for example, Penguin or Harper Collins, will pay to publish a book – a book sent to them by a literary agent – only if they think it will sell and they can make a return. Publishing is not a precise science and there’s always an element of risk, which is why so few books that are sent to them are published. So, if you think you have the next Harry Potter or celebrity autobiography, then send your manuscript to a literary agent, or publisher, instead.

Having said all this, there are loads of books that can do very well with smaller, niche audiences. Beachy Books specializes in shorter print run books for specific needs, or for local authors.

For example, a fairy story book written by children to raise fund for charity, or a book commissioned by a primary school to give to parents of children about to join, or using grants to teach community groups how to publish their own book of personal stories, or local history.

We offer a range of services from writing and editing, to design and marketing, but we do charge for publishing services to cover design, publishing and printing costs.

For that, we can help you self publish your own books under your own name or publishing label, or if we feel the book sits well with our list of other books, there is an option of being published under the Beachy Books imprint. In any case we can create a professional-looking book, give you great advice from a traditionally published author, and print copies of your books at cost prices so you can sell them for profit.

All our authors have covered their costs and gone onto make a profit on selling their books.

So, would you like help publishing your book? If so Contact Philip Bell to discuss your book.