Community Books

Beachy Community Books is an imprint of Beachy Books, created to publish and promote books created by community groups. All these books are a result of community book projects delivered by author, Philip Bell, of Beachy Books.

Philip Bell worked with adults in various community groups on the Isle of Wight, over 10-12 weeks, showing them how to create their own books, and teaching them writing, IT and book publishing skills along the way. An immensely fun and rewarding process for all!

The community book projects were funded by the Arts Council and Isle  of Wight Adult Community Learning.

After costs, all profits from the book sales of community books go to the groups who created them, for use in their own fund raising.

Community Books:

Addicts' Anecdotes Book Cover

Addicts’ Anecdotes

Your Journey Into Ryde Link Cover Image

Your Journey Into Ryde

Over the Bridge to Gunville Link Cover Image

Over The Bridge To Gunville

Freshwater Reflections Link Cover Image

Freshwater Reflections

Animals Never Judge Me Link Cover Image

Animals Never Judge Me